Smartphones, Personal Computers or Glorified Handheld Devices?



With personal computers encompassing only two main forms for two decades, there are still many who believe that smartphones don’t fall under the same category as desktops and laptops. However, regardless of the personal bias aside, technical definitions are still a thing. The various forms certainly offer plenty of similarities to base on such as the ability to shop online using the ctrip promotion code visa most of the time.

Since this is the case, the best way to determine if smartphones are personal computers or not is to simply break down the most basic aspects of the category and see if mobile devices fit. Not that such a distinction is really all that important when all is said and done since they will keep doing what they are doing regardless. However, it is interesting to look into the topic if only for an academic purpose.

Computing Technology

In order for anything to be called a computer, it needs to have technology that allows it to process data and produce the desired results. A smartphone can do this quite well and in ever increasing efficiency as time goes by. The same goes for desktops and laptops, with many of them becoming more powerful through the years. In this regard, a smartphone ticks the box without trouble considering the power of premium link generator with no limit.

Portable Size

macbookIn terms of portability, does it really even need to be pointed out that smartphones are about as portable as gadgets can get? Some of them can literally fit into pockets and with all of the technology necessary for them to be called computers, as well. In fact, these small, handy computers are quickly taking over the industry despite their tiny designs.

Upward Scaling

Speaking of which, the potential for upward scaling with regards to smartphones is simply staggering. Smartphones are becoming more powerful, slimmer, and offering bigger screens. By focusing solely on mobile users, it might even be necessary to buy high quality website traffic in the future.

The potential for the internet to be driven largely by mobile traffic is difficult to ignore, especially when considering the current trend. With this being the case, is there still any doubt as to whether or not smartphones are personal computers?