Personal Computers as an Idea

personal computerThose who have watched documentaries about them will know that computers used to take up a lot of space due to their huge sizes, which made them impossible to own for average families or individuals. The idea behind personal computers, therefore, was simply to reduce the sizes of these room-sized hardware to the point where they can be used by anyone. Since then, the idea has evolved to include multiple previously unimagined concepts such as to shop online using discounts with voucher code bestseller shop and the like.

So, what exactly makes a device a personal computer? The most basic factors that will play a role in this descriptive scenario are size and computing technology. Those are it. If a gadget has those aspects going for it, it can be technically considered a personal computer. For more reference on the matter, consider the points below.


It is no exaggeration to say that size plays a huge role in what makes a personal computer a personal computer. If it isn’t small and light enough for an average person to lift, it’s not a personal computer but a glasvezel alles in een vergelijken only. These days, personal computers have reached sizes that they can literally fit into people’s pockets. This is where smartphones come in.

On that note, there are also desktop and laptop personal computers that are of a certain size where they can blur the line. Some designs can be so heavy and bulky that one would hesitate to call them personal computers, at all.



By and large, users can basically categorize something as a computer if it has the ability to compute. This is why a calculator is largely considered a computer. However, since most don’t really concern themselves with technicality, the smallest computers by majority definition are smartphones. This is because they possess technology that allows them to process data in order to produce certain results as to the vergelijk glasvezel en kabel.


Finally, there is the matter of the design. Personal computers need to be convenient, sleek, and functional. They should be easy enough to use to bring along during an Amsterdam top sightseeing tour thru cheap round trip flights to Amsterdam, for example. Otherwise, they defeat the idea of a personal computer.